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Easy To Apply For Title Loans In Goose Creek, SC!

No one looks forward to applying for a loan and having to wait weeks before learning whether they are approved for a loan. In some instances, you just can’t afford to wait that long to get badly needed cash. If you have bills due now and need money quickly, your best bet is to check into vehicle title loans offered by Bedford Title Loans. Car title loans Goose Creek pay out far quicker than most banks and credit unions, and you’ll know right away whether you are approved for loan funds. With our simple online application and streamlined loan process, you could be approved almost instantly and receive your loan funds within a day of applying. Our loan process is short and quick because borrowers use their car titles to secure their loans. Checking credit isn’t considered, so borrowers get their cash fast.

A Few Title Loan Requirements

Use this short checklist of loan requirements to make sure you have everything you need for loan approval.

Vehicles that are submitted as collateral for title loans Goose Creek can be old or even new, but they must be drivable to meet collateral requirements.

We require a South Carolina identification card or your driver’s license to confirm your identity and your age. All applicants must be 18 or older to sign a contract.

To verify you are the legal owner of your vehicle, we’ll need to see the title listing your name. We also prefer car titles, which are lien free for processing loans.

To repay loans, applicants must have verifiable income sources.

Applying for Title Loans in Goose Creek, SC Is Quick

If you have five spare minutes, you can apply for a loan. Really, that’s all it takes. Our short online application only requires a small amount of vehicle and contact information such as:

  • The make, model, body style, age of your vehicle and a mileage estimate
  • Your full name, zip code and phone number

Within minutes of applying, you’ll receive an upfront loan estimate. Consider whether the estimate will meet your budget needs and improve your financial situation. If you are delighted with the offer, continue on with your free loan consultation to get more information and complete the loan process.

Helpful Tips About Goose Creek Title Loans

Cash in a day

Within 24 hours of applying, you’ll receive your loan funds to spend on anything.


Poor credit qualifying

Unlike credit unions and banks, which focus on credit scores, Bedford Title Loans does not use them. We can approve far more customers for loans by excluding credit profiles and pay out quicker. Since our loans are secured using the title to your vehicle, checking credit is not always needed.


Loan amounts

Loan amounts can vary from one applicant to another because part of the loan amount is determined based on the value of your auto. We also take into consideration your ability to repay the loan with your income. Loan amounts can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands if you have a vehicle in relatively good shape.


No pre-payment penalties

If you have the funds to pay off your loan early, we would be happy to make arrangements. There are never any penalties or fees if you wish to pay off loans early.


Instant loan quotes

You won’t be left wondering how much money you could be approved for because all applicants receive an upfront loan estimate immediately after applying.



Bedford Title Loans does not place any rules or restrictions on approved borrowers. This means, you are free to spend your loan funds on anything. Use your cash to prevent late payments, fix your car, make home repairs or pay for medical visits.


You can keep your car

You can also continue to use your vehicle as long as your payments are current. You can drive to work, take a vacation, run errands and attend school or anywhere else you need to go.



You’ll have a record of exactly what amount you’re borrowing and what you’ll be paying for interest.


Convenient services

We provide several convenient loan center branches and maintain a well trained staff on the phones. You can easily ask questions, make payments, sign contracts and collect your loan funds at any local Goose Creek, SC title loan branch.


How the Auto Title Loan Process Works in Goose Creek

Applying for Title Loans

Borrowers are free to choose the most convenient method for filing an application. You can apply online and we also take applications over the phone.

Getting Qualified

You will work with a loan representative on the phone who will take down your income information to qualify you for a loan. Don’t worry; most people don’t have any trouble qualifying because we accept so many types of income sources.

Choosing Your Repayment Plan

After you have been qualified, you’ll be presented with a number of repayment plans. You might want to discuss various term options with your representative to find an ideal plan to meet budget concerns.

Legalizing Your Agreement

To protect borrowers and title lenders, verbal agreements are drawn up as paper contracts. As the lender, we write contracts according to state car title regulations for title loans Goose Creek. Contracts help to confirm the terms agreed upon and supply both parties with the same information to reduce any chances of confusion.

Contracts will include:

The interest rate, the cost of the interest, the total cost of the loan, a repayment schedule, any applicable fees and minimum payment amounts

Finishing Up the Loan Process

To complete loan arrangements, each borrower is responsible for turning over their paper car title while they are at the loan center store. After the loan closing, borrowers are free to collect their loan funds.

If you’re in a hurry for quick cash, for any reason, title loans in Goose Creek provided by Bedford Title Loans has the cash you need.